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Your typical millennial with multiple passions, but with actual experience to back them up.


1. I’m an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist that fell in love with creating sustainable movement goals that catered to the needs, demands and environment of the person/athlete. I’ve created an in-home and in-person personal training company (the hidden gym) that has been impactful to young athletes, general pop., and ex-athletes over the last three years.


2. Growing up in and around sports, I understand the pressure of getting to-, playing in-, and having to stop playing in- a collegiate sport. I’m extremely passionate about building up the overall athlete and ex-athlete: mentally, physically and emotionally. I’ve been a coach, not only of strength, but of inter- and intra-personal development over the last 5 years.


3. The millennial in me couldn’t resist the opportunity to help create brands via social media. Owning my own business and growing out all online helped me understand the intricacies online platforms have. I thoroughly enjoy creating brands that represent the person or company from the inside out. I’m fortunate to be working with brands like USJN – where I am able to run social media and be around sports at the same time.