all about the hidden gym

1. “loving yourself” is 100% easier said than done.

2. your body is not what it used to be (p.s. thats a good thing).

3. working out sounds nice but also confusing & hard.

4. confidence in yourself seems like an unobtainable dream.

hi, you're not alone in those thoughts.

lindsay brown

I’m Lindsay Brown, and those have been and sometimes still are my thoughts, and they might sound very similar to yours.

I grew up striving to be an amazing college athlete. Training was a must. My body didn’t consume my mind. I ate ‘healthy’ but also ate desserts. Everything was fine & fun. 

College changed everything. I was immediately judged by my body from my coaches. I couldn’t keep my perfect 4.0 because of my sport. I barely had time to enjoy college.

I woke up early to workout before practice and team workouts. I skipped meals to study. I took naps instead of hanging out with friends. All because I wanted to be viewed as an amazing athlete. 

Then I graduated and had absolutely no idea what to do. Why am I working out? How do I workout? Do I go a diet to get rid of these muscles? Will people call me “big” or “athletic” even though I’m not playing sports anymore?

i didn’t love my body anymore. i thought i was bulky, big and not feminine enough. to be honest, i hated how i looked. i started going on every diet (again). Looking to be praised by any and everyone by how skinny i was. 

well – it’s true. those feelings are fleeting and don’t fill your soul up. so there i was, trying to “love myself”. but… how???? 

Everyone tells you to “love yourself” but No one tells you how. That’s why i created the hidden gym. Let’s talk about these things. Let’s figure out how to celebrate our bodies and move in ways we didn’t know were possible. Let’s gain confidence in ourselves again. 


Centennial High School graduate (2009-2013), playing volleyball as setter/right side, an outside and libero. Yes, that is almost all of the positions. Yes, it was hard. I helped leading my team to state my senior year, where we finished 3rd in state. I then went on scholarship to play volleyball at Indiana Wesleyan University (2013-2017) as a DS, where my team made history with the best record in a season, winning their conference 3 out of the 4 years and won the NCCAA National Championship in 2015. 



Upon graduation, I worked at Perform Everyday where I learned from one of the best trainers. I actually didn’t work out for a full year once graduation. I didn’t know why or how or when I would workout. I didn’t even like my body. So I quit my job at the gym and took a desk job to try and live a “normal life”. That didn’t last long. I now own my own personal training & athletic development business with a side business in Social Media management/design and giving feamles and ex-athletes their confidence back. 


ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

Volleyball Coach

Athletic Development Coach 

Enneagram 4×3 married to an enneagram 9w1 

Never uses filters or auto-correct online

Truly thinks my dog is the cutest

Hates chocolate with peanut butter